Allen (Hindi verse) Google hindI /English


Allen (Hindi verse)  Google hindI  /English
Tame, lying flat o
Standing in the right time
Mother’s skirt Cuta
Brother with the father of Cuta
You need to establish what
No time, no wrangling
Yet the sea overwhelmed
The boat’s mainsail was Necklaces
What love of Manwatawadiyon?
Time has just slapped
Neither was the right stand vehemently
Power remained flat o
Die you’re green!
And speaking are immortal
How many poems story
The lip of the human mind
Your father’s pain spills
Saw the news of tomorrow
And it was a contemplation
Ddrishy loathsome and one child
Monster was Ceedhta
Hanging upside down just cut
How was it brought to mother
I was shocked and disturbed Vs.
If the liver bomb
Not even the tears dried Aansun
Where were they hungry demon
Superpower countries salute you
Atomic bombs were the work you
When put to the collapse
Nomad poet had nurtured
Drinking water quenches thirst
Human mind its surrounding
He comes the dark alleys of the mind
You know what to Rngrlion
Cried the whole humanity
The poem was a bit older
Sells pen writes poetry
You know what man on earth just twenty minutes alone in my pain I wrote educated blonde or black !!
Ramesh Yayawar  05-09-15
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