Immortality (France’s event) poem


Immortality (France‘s event)
Immortality, what you care
These twelve brother Amr- in foreign countries
And you‘re not even human anywhere
Hate your country, your religion hate
What have you learned to be here?
Nradm humanity doomed
10 cartoonist journalist, two police erased
You do not disappear, a greater bringer?
You will die on the earth
Mother Earth was yours
And mother’s edge Fadkr
Have you been self-satisfied
I have also seen your stigma
Hsane laugh erased members
O erased his fans
What do you think,
Now the whole world will turn into light
Black Empire of darkness will come
No deaths occur every citizen to question
And raises questions you answer me?
Ramesh Yayavar  08 01 2015


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